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5 Photography Tips For Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography can be quite exciting and challenging at the same time. You need to have the right knowledge of composition, exposure and lighting to take the right shots. Let us look at some useful tips for budding fashion photographers aiming to take it up as their profession.

Five Useful Tips on Fashion Photography

Right Equipment

First of all fashion photography should be crisp and for that you need to invest in a camera with high megapixel count. In terms of lens, it is better to buy telephoto lens which can be adjusted between 15-55 mm and has a fast aperture.

Outdoor Photography

As a fashion photographer, you will also have to work at outdoor locations. To get the best results you will have to know about landscape photography as well as ways of controlling light sources whether you are taking photographs in evening, daytime or in low light.

Editing Photos

Any professional fashion photographer rarely publishes any of the photographs without performing some amount of digital editing. Right from changing a bright photo look warm and natural to airbrushing of wrinkles and over blemishes, editing becomes necessary. As such you should improve your knowledge and skills of image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

By having proper knowledge of such software you will be able to control the colors, levels as well as lighting to enhance your photos.

Fashion Lighting

Fashion photographers need to have good knowledge of various lighting modifiers such as giant umbrellas, beauty dishes, scrims and octabanks. Beauty dish offers beautiful contrast to sculpt features without turning shadows appear harsh.

On the other hand, giant umbrellas make spread of light even and is considered ideal for full length photographing. Scrims are generally utilized to diffuse harsh outdoor light as well as indoor glowy beauty photo sessions.

Octobanks bring even texture to shadows and light. They also form good looking rounded gradients for background and natural catchlights in model’s eyes.


As a professional fashion photographer, you should learn to retouch the images in addition to using services of professional retouchers. Such retouches help in giving the photographs personalized appearance and feel.

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