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Best Angles for Food Photography


There is no particular or fixed angle in which you must take pictures. You can click food photos in any angle that you want to. You can approach in whichever angle you want depending on the type of food(i.e. liquid, particulates and so on), the composition, the styling of the food.

These are just some of the typical angles in which many photographers click food pictures:


1)0˚ or head-on zen – Keep the background plain as it is most visible and can create a lot of disturbances in the picture


2)15˚ – You can see full arrangement of the food done on the plate with a little perspective angle of it. This is ‘the angle’ in which most of the food pictures are clicked. This angle is best to click pictures of cold drinks, any kind of coffee or just any kind of drinks.
bfLEO_6293 copy
3) 25˚-30˚ –  This angle is used to show the horizon of the background of the food giving the observer a little bit of a story. If the food is served in an open plate, it is the best angle as it clearly exhibits the food and its thickness.

4) 45˚/ Tilt towards –
 this angle invites the observer to dive in to eat the food as it is a little tilted towards the camera is tilted to the right and the subject is tilted counter-clock wise. This angle is close to food served to you on the serving table just waiting for you to eat. This angle is best when you’re trying to shoot soups or one pot made meals.
sushi and more 6
5) Straight on – This is the angle in which the food items such as sandwiches and burgers are shot. It is more important to show what is in the food as it increases the interest of the observer to eat it. And also gives your food a heroic look. This is similar to 0 degree angle shot.
6) 90˚/Over-head –  This is the angle which you will see most of the bloggers use in their blogs. If you actually go to see in this angle it is easier to make a composition as you can eliminate thinking about the depth of field in it. You can arrange your food in it as it is your own frame where you can show your styling skills.
LEO_8378 small
7) Lost in space/png  – This is the type in which only the food is important because there is no background in it. They are mostly clicked in a soft box setup where the background is totally white and it makes the food look like its cropped.
8) Tilt away – In this type the camera is little tilted to the left so the image appears to be tilted in clock wise. This angle makes the food look like its being pulling away from you which gives the observer the desire to follow the food.
9) Perspective – The camera is positioned above the front of the subject, then the camera is tilted up until the subject fills the frame. The photograph will maintain a graphic dynamic composition that will engage the eye to scan the image from the foreground to the background.


10) Diagonal – In this you can take a picture in such a way that the subject starts from one corner of the frame and ends at another corner which makes the food spread diagonally in the frame.
LEO_8309 copy
11) With respect to line – In this type you can highlight the symmetry lines i.e. is the parallel lines of the cake edges etc…

Happy Shooting….!

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