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Know What to Shoot in Architecture Photography

Want to know how to add value to your architecture photography? Know what to shoot in architecture photography:


1. Direction of light: This powerful media can have a huge impact on textures, shadows, contrast and reflections. The idea is to create a balance, which can now be done via exposure compensation and bracketing the images using variable values for the exposure.  This can be done easily through HDR program. 


2. Capturing the entire building along with the surrounding may get slightly difficult especially for architecture photographer Mumbai, since here you have high rise buildings. You may use the panoramic mode or use special software for panorama. PTgui or Hugin are apt for DSLR.


3. While shooting inside the building, use tripod. While shooting in day light, use ND filter for balance.


4. Shooting the silhouette can add drama to the architecture photography.  For this, deactivate the flash and make sure that the structure stands between the sun and you. For night shoots, make sure that there is at least some illumination from urban lights.


5. Architecture can be shot differently in different weather. For example, a building may look different in rains and sun. So, shoot the same images in different weather.


6. Reflections will add drama to the building. If you are practicing architecture photography Mumbai, there’s no dearth of reflective surfaces- seawater, windows and lights act as reflective surfaces.


7. Use tripod to capture the special features of the building. For example the designs on the window, artefacts placed in the lobby or the delicate designs on the ceiling can all be aptly captured using longer focal lengths.


8. Be imaginative: Structure photography is not as bland as you think. Play with lines, curves, symmetry to give new aspect to the architecture photography.


The above points are aimed at helping the beginners shoot architecture photography. You can perfect the art by creating more images and learning to use the pre and post production techniques to get the perfect images.


So, go ahead, use your creativity and become an ace architecture photographer Mumbai!

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