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What a Million dollar can buy ?

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A million dollars to spend,Vow, sounds good, doesn”t it?? It sounds as if it could be an end to all your problems or an answer to all your prayers.
So yes, Go ahead,
Think about it
What all would you do with a million dollars
1) A new home
2)A new car
3)A trip to Europe
4) Jewellery, Clothes
5)A weekend home with a horse to ride into the hills

Take a look now once again at the list you”ve just made of all the things a million dollars can buy Read them again And again
Now read in between the lines
What is it that you really want??
Under most of that wish list lies what we truly seek.

A new home – To live with contentment
A new car to show off- For praise
A trip to Europe- to learn to experience new things

And now when we can actually see the things we truly want we will realise that they do not need a million dollars at all.


In just the same way, a photographer may have the best of full frame, medium format camera,he may have his tripod in place, the most expensive lens, the best camera body state of the art lighting equipment, online casino But just that in itself may not be able to give him that one single good picture.
On the other hand, a photographer may be clicking on the last legs of natural light, he may be towards the fag end of his camera battery, but with that pressure on his mind and a story before his eyes, he will have clicked that one picture which will make a difference.
A photograph is not just a picture, it is a moment, a moment that tells a story.
A photograph is about the human emotion, the human expression, it”s about awesomeness,it”s about happiness…..
Happiness in life always visits us in little things,
They need not be the ones you buy with money
You may have the most expensive phone
But happiness is that call from a long lost friend.
Similarly in a photographers day, a million dollars cannot brighten up the sky or paint it with a rainbow.
A million dollars may be able to buy many things
But there are many more things it cannot buy……….

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